How to Stop Photoshop Elements from Starting When Photo Memory Card Is Inserted

Starting with XP, Windows operating systems have included the autoplay feature, which allows the computer to automatically react when faced with certain types of media to play music, view photos, watch movies or perform other actions without user intervention . AutoPlay reduces the time and complexity of common tasks, but if an unwanted program opens, it takes more time to close the application and find the right one. If Photoshop Elements assigned itself as the default AutoPlay option, or another user has given AutoPlay access, you can change the settings for the Photoshop photo memory card drive to stop working. Instructions
Insert the photo memory card into your computer. Close Photoshop Elements when it opens. If the card is empty, the program will not start.

Open “My Computer” from the Start menu and right-click your memory card drive in the “Devices with Desktop Removable Storage” list. Click on “Properties”.

Click on the “AutoPlay” tab. Click on the drop-down menu and select “Images” from the list.

With the button clicked for “Choose an action to perform”, choose an option other than Photoshop Elements from the list. Selecting another program will open the application instead, or you can choose a generic Windows option such as “Open folder to view files” or “Do not perform any action.” Click the “Prompt me every time to choose an action” button radio button to see an autoplay window with various options each time you turn on the card.

Click “OK” to save the settings. Unplug the card and plug it in again to use the new AutoPlay options.

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