How to switch from IDE to SATA

If you are using an IDE hard drive for your computer and you want to switch to SATA, you can do so as long as your motherboard supports SATA hard drives. Unlike IDE hard drives that require users to follow certain jumper settings for assigning “slave” and “master” drives, SATA hard drives are able to automatically indicate a slave or master relationship between drives, which makes installation easier and simpler.



Check your motherboard manual to see if your motherboard supports SATA hard drives. If this happens, it must have the proper SATA ports that will accommodate your SATA hard drive.

Turn off the computer, disconnect all cables connected to the back and remove the computer case. See your computer manual for detailed instructions on how to remove the computer cover.

Remove the IDE hard drives from the computer. Hard drives are screwed into a “hard drive cage” or “hard drive bay” near the motherboard. Also, remove the cables (such as the flat IDE connector and small power connector) that are attached to the hard drive. Just rock the connectors back and forth while slowly pulling it out of the port to avoid tearing the connectors or inflicting any damage.

Insert the new SATA hard drive into the “cage” where the previous IDE drive was installed. Screw it firmly into the hard drive compartment. Connect the SATA ribbon cable from the SATA port on the motherboard to the data port on the hard drive.

Plug a SATA power connector from your power supply into the hard drive’s power jack. If the power supply you have installed does not have a SATA power connector, use a Molex to SATA converter power cable. Connect it to one of the regular power cables from the power supply, then plug the end of the SATA power connector into the hard drive jack.

Close the computer case and replace the cables you removed at the back of the computer.

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