How to take out the housing on a laptop DVD ROM

Your DVD-ROM drive’s outer casing not only houses the DVD drive itself, it also houses the connectors that allow your DVD drive to connect to your laptop. If your laptop’s DVD-ROM is experiencing major connectivity issues, its outer casing and cables may need to be replaced or it may be necessary to repair your DVD drive’s connectors. Removing the casing involves removing the DVD-ROM drive from your laptop computer. Things You’ll Need
Phillips Screwdriver Flathead Screwdriver

Antistatic Bracelet
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Turn off your laptop. Disconnect all power, data and cables from the laptop from the external device. Close the display panel and place the laptop face down on a flat surface with the front edge facing forward. Remove the battery from its compartment on the bottom of the laptop.

Locate the CD/DVD drive on the right or left side of your laptop case. Remove the Phillips screws securing the drive from its bay. Use a small screwdriver to release any additional retaining latches holding the drive in place. Remove the drive assembly from its compartment.

Remove all screws securing the DVD drive outer casing assembly. Use a small screwdriver to pry past the outer casing mount. This involves inserting the screwdriver into the opening along the outer edge of the drive’s casing, and prying the top and bottom case from each other.

Unplug the large data and power cables from the back of the drive inside the box. Lift the DVD drive out of the dissected box and set it aside.

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