How to Transfer CDs and DVDs to USB External Hard Drives

CDs and DVDs can take up a lot of shelf space. An external hard drive, on the other hand, takes up a fraction of the physical space and has a much larger amount of data. If you want to digitize and archive your physical disks to the storage drive, you can easily copy the data between the two storage methods using your computer and some basic copy/paste commands. Instructions
Connect the external hard drive to the computer. Insert the CD or DVD into the CD/DVD -ROM drive.

Open “Computer” (“My Computer” in XP). Right-click the CD/DVD and select “Explore”. A window will open, displaying the contents of the CD/DVD.

Select “Edit > Select All.” Select “Edit > Copy” and close the window.

Double-click the external hard drive in “Computer” to open a window displaying the contents. Navigate to the folder where you want to copy the contents of the CD/DVD.

Select “Edit > Paste”. The contents of the disc will be copied to the hard drive. Depending on the quantity/size of the files, it may take some time to complete.

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