How to transfer data from my external hard drive to someone else’s hard drive

One of the defining features of external hard drives is their ability to make personal data mobile. External hard drives are designed to provide high levels of cross-platform independence. This allows individual and business users to quickly and easily transport data between their own computers and others with relatively little regard for software support or hardware requirements. The process of transferring data from an external hard drive to another computer is a common computing task that all users should be familiar with. Instructions
Connect the external hard drive to the host computer. This connection is most commonly made with a USB-style connector. However, eSATA connectors are becoming more prevalent in the general computing market.

Connect the external hard drive to an electrical power source. This step may not be necessary if the drive is powered via the USB cable.

Browse to the external hard drive quote under the “My Computer” window. This is opened by double-clicking the “Computer” or “My Computer” desktop icon.

Double-click the external hard drive icon list and navigate to the files to be copied using the provided navigation window.

Right-click the files to be transferred and select the “Copy Title” option from the context menu.

Navigate to the destination folder on the host computer’s hard drive using the same browser window.

Right-click on the folder and select the “Paste” option. This starts the process of transferring the files to your computer’s hard drive. This process takes several minutes to several hours, depending on file sizes and hard disk speeds. A progress bar will appear to keep the user informed of the completion status of the process.

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