How to transfer images saved on a computer to SanDisk

SanDisk makes a line of memory cards that are small, portable and used in many different media devices. You don’t have to use a camera to get images to the SanDisk memory card as long as you have a computer with a memory card reader. Many laptops come preinstalled with card readers and external card readers are compatible with many different types of memory cards. Once the SanDisk memory card is inserted into your computer’s card reader, you can access the card as if it were a hard drive. Things You’ll Need
SanDisk Memory Card
Computer with
Show Card Reader More Instructions
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Go to “Start” and “My Computer”. Browse to the folder where your photos are saved. The default photo location is “My Pictures” located in the “My Documents” folder, but you are able to save photos anywhere on your computer.

Insert the SanDisk memory card into your computer from card reader.

Go to “Start” and “My Computer”.

Double-click the drive letter of the SanDisk memory card located under “Devices with Removable Storage” on my computer.

Drag and drop photos from your computer to the SanDisk memory card.
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