How to transfer programs from a disk to external disks

External hard drives, like their name notes, are computer hard drives housed in the outer casing of a computer. Drives are often connected to computers via a USB connection or a Firewire connection. When connected, files and programs can be accessed ​​on the external drive via the computer. Files can also be moved between the computer and the drive. If you have a program or files stored on your external hard drive, you can copy or transfer them to your connected computer’s hard drive. Instructions
Connect the external hard drive’s USB or Firewire cable to an available USB or Firewire port on your computer. Wait a few seconds for the drive icon to appear on your computer screen.

Double-click the external hard drive icon on the desktop. A new window appears. Browse through the folders and files until you find the program folder you want to transfer to your computer.

Right-click on the program folder and select “Cut” or “Copy” from the drop-down menu.

Right-click anywhere on your computer’s desktop screen and select “Paste” from the list of options. Alternatively, double-click the “My Computer” icon or the Mac “hard drive” icon and locate either the “Programs” folder or the “Applications” folder. Double click on the folder, right click anywhere inside the folder and select “Paste” to place the program directly into the folder.

Wait for the transfer to complete. A status bar may appear indicating how much time is left. Right-click the “External Hard Drive” icon on the desktop and select “Eject”. Wait a few seconds, then disconnect the USB or Firewire cable.

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