How to Troubleshoot a Verbatim USB Drive

Charlotte Verbatim-based software company produces several different USB Drives, including the Store ‘n’ Go USB Drive and the Tuff ‘n’ Tiny USB Flash Drive. As with any electronic product, you always have the chance of malfunctions or errors. It is important to know what troubleshooting steps you can perform in order to get your Verbatim USB Drive working again. Instructions
Allow Windows to update your system automatically. Service packs contained in these updates often contain the latest USB driver updates or files to help with the use of peripheral hardware. This could prove an invaluable remedy for your USB drive problems.

Click on the “Start” button. Right click on “My Computer” and navigate to “Properties” and right click on the “Hardware” tab. Select “Device Manager”, scroll down to USB controllers and click the “+” sign and right click “Universal host controller.” Select “Uninstall” to uninstall the USB ports. Plug the USB Drive back in and the ports should reset. Your system should read the USB drive.

Right-click on the USB drive icon in the taskbar and click “Safely Remove Hardware” before removing the USB drive from your computer. Avoid simply pulling the device out without following this procedure. Properly disconnecting the USB drive from your computer can avoid many problems with Verbatim USB drives.

Contact Verbatim support for any issues that transcend the usual issues and troubleshooting steps for a USB Drive product (see Resources). Verbatim experts will have the knowledge and insight to solve specific problems.

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