How to Troubleshoot an HP Pavilion: Missing Wireless Adapter

When using an older HP Pavilion computer, you will need to install a wireless adapter if you want to use a wireless network for Internet access. Once the adapter is installed, you will normally have no problem with your Internet connection. However, if your HP Pavilion is prompting with error messages that indicate the wireless adapter is missing, you must troubleshoot the issue in order to correct the error message and connect back to the Internet. Things You’ll Need
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Unplug the wireless adapter form the computer, restart the HP Pavilion. Wait for the system to restart, then plug the wireless adapter into the computer. On occasion, the hardware does not properly connect to a computer when first booting up, so restarting the system fixes the problem.

Remove the wireless adapter from the current USB port and insert it into a different connection. Sometimes the USB ports fail, so changing the connection fixes the issues you’re having.

install drivers for the wireless adapter. The computer requires drivers in order to run the wireless adapter correctly. Even if you have already installed the drivers, the system may have removed the registry information, causing the system to no longer access the equipment. To install the drivers , insert the driver installation CD into the disk drive and follow the installation wizard’s instructions to install the driver for the HP Pavilion. Restart your computer and you are ready to start using your wireless adapter again.

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