How to turn a PC into free NAS storage

NAS, or network-attached storage, allows you to store data on your PC as well as other computers on the network. This expands your storage limits. NAS also gives you the opportunity to back up all clients on a computer network. Follow a few keys to turn your PC into NAS at no cost. Things You’ll Need
Network Cable
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Uninstall everything from your PC but leave the OS intact. Although you don’t have to uninstall all your programs and data, you can have an easier stay with the entire process if you do.

Add additional disks to your PC. Since you use NAS for storage reasons, it makes sense to have additional storage other than the drive that contains the operating system. For example, you can add two to three additional hard drives for your PC.

Connect the computer to a router with the network cable. Right-click on each disk drive and select the “Properties” option. Navigate to “Sharing”. Choose the option that allows you to share a unit and give it a title. Check the box to let clients over a network modify a file.

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