How to unlock a DVD Region in Vista

These days, all desktop and laptop computers come pre-installed with a DVD drive. This unit allows you to access CD and DVD information. DVD drives on North American computers are set to play Region 1 encoded DVDs. However, Windows Vista allows you to change the region code for your drive so you can watch movies from other regions on your computer or laptop. Instructions
Click on the “Start” button to open the Start menu.

Click “Control Panel” and then “System and Maintenance”.


Click on the “Device Manager” link to open the Device Manager window.

Click the arrow next to “DVD/CD-ROM drives”, and double-click the DVD drive.

Click on the “DVD Region” tab. In the box next to “New Region”, enter the region you want to set your DVD drive to. You can also select a country from the list in this guide. Click the “OK” button to change the settings.

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