How to unlock a DVD ROM

Modern DVDs are limited by region. Different region codes are linked to DVD region specifics so European movies cannot be played on American DVD players. Modern DVD drives in computers follow a pattern that allows switching the drive’s region up to three times before the drive’s region becomes locked. However, if a firmware update is available, many drives can be removed from this restriction and be allowed to play DVDs from any region without restrictions, allowing a user to backup and create DVDs that will play on any DVD player. Unlocking your DVD player can also yield faster read and write speeds. Instructions
Right-click the “My Computer” shortcut on the desktop and click “Properties”. Switch to the “Hardware” tab and click the “Device Manager” button. Scroll down to your DVD drive listing, and write down the manufacturer’s name and model for your DVD drive.

Open your web browser and navigate to, the firmware pages (see “Resources”). Choose “Firmware Database” from the right-hand menu, then locate and click on the manufacturer of your DVD drive.

Find and click make and model of your DVD drive from the list. If your DVD drive is not listed there may not be a firmware fix to unlock your DVD drive and make it an RPC 1 drive (see “Tips” ) .

Follow the instructions to correctly install the patch. Each DVD manufacturer has a different firmware patch process and many manufacturers, such as Samsung or Apple, have specific patch software to help with the patching process.

Download and run discinfo (see “Resources” ) to confirm that region lock has been removed from your DVD drive.

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