How to unlock a Kingston MicroSD

Micro SD (Secure Data) store cards such as Word, video and image files. Kingston microSD cards are used in many environments such as schools, businesses and government offices to protect data. Some Kingston microSD cards are locked for added protection. In the closed position, you cannot add or delete data from a microSD card. You will need to unlock Kingston microSD card in order to save data on it or delete data from it. Instructions
Remove the Kingston microSD card from any device it’s kept on, whether it’s a storage case, a digital camera, or a GPS.

Find the small plastic switch on your Kingston microSD card. If you are looking at the microSD card with the arrow pointing away from you, the detector will be on the right side of the card.

Flip the switch on the card to the unlocked position. This will allow you to store and remove files on your Kingston microSD card.

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