How to unlock a password protected MicroSD

A MicroSD card is a small, ultra-portable, plastic-coated media storage device the size of a fingernail and popularly used as portable storage for mobile phones. Depending on its storage capacity, a MicroSD card can hold hundreds, even thousands, of photos, videos, music files, documents and more. Many users password protect the entire card through their phone’s interface in order to restrict other users from accessing their files. Without this password, no one can open other files on the card while on the phone. A lost password doesn’t have to mean permanent data loss, however, there is a simple solution in Windows that, with some effort and patience, will reveal the card’s password. things you need
Internet connection
PC with SD
Show slot More instructions
Insert the MicroSD card into an available media reader slot on your PC. If your media reader cannot read MicroSD cards, but can read regular SD cards, first insert the MicroSD card into an SD adapter, and then insert the adapter into the slot. You will see an autoplay menu for the disc pop up on your screen.

Open the folders on the disk and navigate to the “System” folder. Click the “Open folders to view files” option in the autoplay menu, double click the folder that says “system”. This is where your card password file is stored.

Open the password file. In the “System” folder, find the file that has MMCSTORE somewhere in its name. It can have additional letters, numbers and characters, but it will always have MMCSTORE in the title. Double-click this file to open it in Notepad. The text inside this file is your lost MicroSD password.

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