How to Update a Western Digital Media Player

Western Digital’s WD TV Live HD Media Player emulates most multimedia functions on modern personal computers, and needs to be routinely updated to be compatible with new technology. It supports the most popular video formats and Internet-based video streams. Western Digital periodically offers firmware updates. Instructions
Press the “Home” button on the player. Press the arrow button to select the “Settings” option from the menu bar. Press the arrow button to choose “System”. Press “Enter”.

Select “Update Device” from the menu. Press “Enter” to see the current firmware version on the media player.

Choose the “OK” option when the system will prompt for a reboot. Press “Enter”. Press “Enter” again and wait for the player to check for updated software.

Select “OK” if the screen says “New Firmware Found.” Press the “Enter” button. Wait for the player to reboot and complete the firmware update automatically.

Select “OK” if the screen says, “Your Media Player is up to date.” Press the “Enter” button, then the “Back” button to return to the “System Settings” screen.

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