How to Update a Windows DVD Driver

Updating a DVD driver on a computer can be done using the tools native to the Windows operating system. Specifically, it is the Device Manager that lists all hardware devices, such as a DVD drive, installed on the PC, organized by type. The job of a given driver is also to allow the hardware component to interface with every other part of the computer. Update these drivers when you get a new DVD player or if the one you currently have starts to malfunction. This will optimize the performance of the DVD player. Instructions
Click “Start”, then “Control Panel”. The control panel window appears.

Click on “System and Security”, then “Device Manager”, located under the “System” heading. The Device Manager window will open.

Expand the “DVD/CD-ROM DVD” group with one click, then click on the name of the DVD player for which you want to update the drivers. A device properties window opens.

Click the “Driver” tab and then press “Update Driver” to start the driver update wizard. Select “Search automatically for updated driver software” to have the wizard search and then install new drivers for the DVD device.

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