How to Update DVD Writer Firmware

A DVD burner lets you burn videos, music and data to 4.7 and 8.5 gigabyte recordable DVDs. You can definitely save the data to a DVD-R disc or use a reDVD-RW rewritable disc to temporarily store files. Every DVD burner works like a CD burner, and many also have advanced features such as disc labeling and buffer overflow prevention. A software program known as “firmware” provides instructions for burning your computer’s operating system. You can update firmware to repair a drive or fix a compatibility issue. Instructions
Identify the manufacturer and model number of the DVD recorder. Each burner uses different firmware, so you need the information for your unit. You can find this information by clicking the Windows “Start” menu, selecting “Control Panel” and opening “Device Manager”. Select “DVD/CD-ROM” from the device list and note the make and model.

Visit the manufacturer’s website. Download the firmware for your DVD burner by selecting the correct model number from the list of available firmware updates. Carefully review the instructions provided by the manufacturer with the firmware.

Close all applications on your computer. Run the firmware update program downloaded from the manufacturer’s website. Select your DVD burner when asked which drive you want to update. Do not use your computer until the update is complete. Restart your computer when prompted.

Check if the firmware updated successfully. Download and install the Nero InfoTool free DVD drive utility program (see Resources). Open the program and click on the “Drive” tab. Compare the firmware version number listed in Nero InfoTool to the firmware number for the update from the manufacturer’s website.

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