How to update the firmware for an AD-7190A Optiarc DVD RW

The Sony Optiarc model AD-7190A is an external DVD burner that connects to a computer system via a USB cable. Like most other electronics, it requires occasional firmware update. Firmware update ensures the unit functions with all the latest hardware installed in the computer system. Updates are free to get, and you just need an internet connection. Instructions
Open your Internet browser and go to “”. Select “Service and Support” at the top of the page, then choose “drivers and software”.

Select the “Desktop Computer” option, then choose the Optiaric Hardware line, followed by “AD-7190A”. Click “Continue” and the firmware driver information loads on the screen.

Click “Download” and the firmware driver downloads for your computer.

Double click the downloaded firmware driver to load the installation wizard. Accept the license agreement and click “Next” for the installation name and location. Choose “Install” to install the updated firmware driver for the Sony Optiarc DVD drive.

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