How to Upgrade a Toshiba Computer with a Blu-ray Drive

A Blu-ray drive inside a computer is no different than any computer’s DVD optical drive. The dimensions of the Blu-ray drive are the same because it is the laser, not the drive mechanism, that is different. Upgrading a Toshiba desktop computer with a Blu-ray drive is simplified due to the modular nature of PCs and the conventions shared by Blu-ray drives and optical DVD drives. Some home use tools are needed to update your computer with a Blu-ray drive. Things You’ll Need
Phillips Screwdriver Phillips Screwdriver
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Turn off the computer . Remove the screws from the side panel or back using a Phillips screwdriver.

Remove the screw on the side of the optical drive bay with the Phillips screwdriver. The optical drive bay is found on the front inside the computer.

Pull the optical drive bay halfway out. Pull the two connectors out from the back of the drive into the optical drive bay.

Place the optical drive bay upside down. Remove the screws on both sides with a Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver. Pull the DVD drive out of the optical drive bay.

Place the Blu-ray drive next to the DVD drive so its back panels are facing you.

Note the position of the switches on the back of the DVD drive, especially the switch with the text “master/slave” on it. Push the switches on the back of the Blu-ray drive with the tip of the Phillips jeweler’s screwdriver so that they match the DVD drive.

Put the Blu-ray drive beveled side first into the optical drive bay. Secure the Blu-ray drive to the optical drive bay with screws on both sides.

Attach the two plugs that were connected to the DVD drive to the two proper connections on the back of the Blu-ray drive.

Slide the optical drive bay back to its original position inside the computer and reconnect the screw.

Close the side or back panel. Replace the screws and plug the power supply back inside

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