How to use a Micro SD in a Multi Card Reader

Micro SD cards are small memory cards often found in handheld devices such as cell phones, digital cameras, handheld game systems and PDAs. Files such as program files, images, videos and documents can be stored on the card. A multi-card reader is a device that connects to a computer and allows you to connect a variety of “memory cards” to the device to view content on the computer. Things You’ll Need
Multi card reader (with USB cable included)
SD card adapter (only requires reader adapter)
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Remove the micro SD card from the device it was used on. This could be a cell phone, digital camera, or computer. Depending on the brand of device, the SD card may slide out of a slot or be accessible by removing the back cover or opening the battery compartment.

Connect the multi-card reader to a USB port on your computer using the included USB cable. If the reader also has a power supply, connect this to a power source.

Inspect the multi-card reader to see if it has a micro SD card slot. The slot will be smaller than the other slots and may be labeled “micro SD.” Insert the SD card into the corresponding slot with the small arrow on the card facing up and the side going into the slot. If you don’t see a “micro SD” slot on the player, go to Step 4, otherwise skip to Step 5 .

Insert the micro SD card into the plastic SD card adapter that came with your electronic device (such as phone or camera) . The adapter allows the smaller card to be accessed in a standard SD card slot. Insert the SD card adapter into an “SD card” labeled slot on the multi-card reader.

Wait for the “SD card” to appear on your computer screen and double click on it to access the contents of the SD card. If you don’t see the icon, click “My Computer” in Windows or “Finder” in Mac OS. Locate the “SD card” under “Devices” and double click on it.

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