How to use a Pocket Media Hub

A pocket media hub refers to an external hard drive device that can sync your computer with other media players on the same network. Since it has a hard drive, it can also serve to back up important computer files, store spillover information that doesn’t fit on your computer and transfer information from one computer to another. One popular example is the Hewlett Packard Pocket Media Drive, another is the Cisco Media Hub. Pocket media hubs are easy to use as long as you have the right equipment. Things You’ll Need
Pocket media hub
USB cable
wireless Internet connection
Compatible media player
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get a pocket media hub. These days you will easily find something with at least 500GB of storage, but you should choose something that suits your needs.

Find the port on your media hub that says USB and insert one end of a USB cable here. Most media hubs come with a cable included, but you can always get another one at any electronics store. Now plug the other end of the cable into a USB port on your PC or laptop.

Install any software that comes with your Pocket Media Hub on your PC. This software will be available on a CD that comes with the device, and can almost always be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Select the option to back up your computer files as soon as the software prompts you. You will now have a digital copy of all important information and media files from your computer on your hub device. Some media hubs will give you two different types of backup options: one that will only back up your official documents and files, and one that will back up your media files. If this is the case then you should select both -. Less, of course, you just want to have a backup of one or the other

Boot all media players you’ve connected to the same network as your computer. These could include video game consoles like Microsoft’s Xbox 360 or the Philips NP2900 music player. You should now see an option on your media device to access files on your portable media hub.

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