How to use a Universal SD adapter

Cameras, computers and even gaming devices all use different types of memory cards because they all have different types of memory card slots. Some of these ranges are made to only accommodate an SD memory card, some will only accommodate DUO memory sticks and others will only use a mini SD card. Universal adapter kits reduce the need for so many different types of cards. Instead, users can use a single MicroSD card for all their devices with the appropriate adapter. Things You’ll Need
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Pick up the adapter that fits your specific device. For example, many computers that have memory card slots will accept the SD adapter.

Arrange the adapter so that the label is facing up, and the slot for the MicroSD card is facing you. The opening on most adapters can be distinguished by a U-shape.

Insert the MicroSD card into the adapter opening. Make sure the MicroSD card label is also facing up. The MicroSD will also have an arrow pointing to the right. Make sure the arrow is pointing to the adapter opening, the right end of the MicroSD must enter the adapter first

Insert the adapter, with the MicroSD card inside, into the memory card slot. on the device. Make sure the arrow on the adapter points to the slot opening on the device. The top of the adapter should be inserted first and pushed into place until you hear a click.

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