How to Use an XD Card Reader

The xD card reader is an external component that allows users to transfer files from their xD memory card to their computer. The card reader connected to the USB port on the computer, no installation required. The card reader is light and compact enough to travel. Using xD card reader will allow you to download files or upload files to xD card within minutes. Instructions
Plug the xD card reader into your computer console’s USB port. The computer system will recognize the new connected hardware and assign it a drive letter.

Insert the xD card into the card reader. The status light will start blinking, alerting you that the device is reading the contents of the card.

Go to “Start” and then “My Computer”. Here you will see a list of all active units. Locate the xD card reader drive , double click , you will now see the contents of the xD
4 card

Copy the desired files by right clicking on the file and selecting . “Copy”. You can place the file in the desired folder by going to the folder, right clicking and selecting “Paste”. Repeat this process until all files are placed in the appropriate folders.

Close the card reader unit by clicking the “X” in the upper right corner. Right-click on the drive within My Computer and click “Eject”. You will now be able to remove the xD card from the card reader.

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