How to Use Memory Stick With Windows 2000

A memory card is plugged into your computer’s USB port and can transfer data from your computer to the pendrive or from the stick to your computer. Memory cards come in a variety of sizes, from under one gigabyte to several gigabytes. Microsoft Windows 2000 comes with USB support, so it automatically recognizes the memory card and installs it. You just have to open the device in “My Computer” to start using it. Instructions
Insert the memory card into an open USB slot on your computer. A box will appear in the lower right corner of the screen, alerting you that Windows 2000 is installing new hardware.

Click on the Windows “Start” menu and select “My Computer”.


double click on the memory card to open it. The memory card will either be listed as a “Removable Disk” or contain part of the memory card manufacturer’s name. Drag files to the memory card to copy the files or drag files from the stick to a location on the computer to transfer the files from the memory card to the computer.

Click the “Safely Remove Hardware” icon in the Windows 2000 system tray at the bottom right of your screen. Click “Stop USB Mass Storage Device”. There may be more than one USB device running on your computer, select the one you want to take. For example, click “Stop USB Mass Storage Device – Drive ( H :)” if your device is hard (H 🙂


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