How to wipe out a hard drive before donating a computer

If you are about to donate your computer, wipe your hard drive to delete all data. This allows all your private information to stay secure and confidential. Cleaning up the hard drive is such a common task, that the tools to complete it are found freely in the operating system. Instructions
Click on the “Start” button at the bottom left of the Windows desktop.

Type “Computer Management” into the “Run” text box at the bottom of the Windows start menu.

Select the “Disk Management” link in the left frame of the dialog box. This loads a list of installed hard drives in the center of the frame.

Right-click on the hard drive to be cleaned and select the “Format…” option by going to the context menu. The formatting dialog appears.

Select the “Quick Format” option at the bottom of the formatting dialog.

Click the “OK” or “Start” button to start the formatting process. The formatting procedure removes the entire logical file system. This removes all data pointers and file structure associations from the hard disk, thus making all previously stored data inaccessible. The formatting process takes a few minutes, depending on the speed and capacity of the hard drive being formatted.

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