How to Work Around Windows Vista Volume Shrink Inadequacy Problems

The shrink volume inadequacy issue is an issue that might occur in Windows Vista that makes you to be unable to shrink the main volume. This means that you cannot decrease the size of the primary partition on your hard drive. The problem occurs because the system files were stored too far apart from each other physically on the hard drive. There are steps you can take to fix the problem. You will need to remove some optional system files and then run a disk defragmentation program. Instructions
press the “R” “Windows” and . Type “cmd” and click “OK”. Type “powercfg -H off” and press “Enter”.

Click “Start”, right-click “Computer” and click “Properties”. Click “System Protection”, “Local Disk (C:)”, “Turn off system protection” and “OK” twice.

Click “Start,” “Computer,” right – click “Local (C 馃檪 drive,” Properties “and” Disk Cleanup. “Check the box next to each item and click” OK “.

Click “Start” and restart your computer.

Download and install a disk defrag tool such as MyDefragGUI, Defraggler or MyDefrag v4.3.1. Run the program you choose to move the files on your hard drive closer together.


Attempt the volume shrinking again by clicking “Start”, right click “Computer” and click Click “Disk Management”, right click “C:” “Manage”. “. Shrink Volume” and click Enter the amount of space to reduce in the text box and click “OK”.

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