HP Proliant ML370 Specifications

The Hewlett Packard Proliant ML370 is a tower-style server. It is designed to be used by small and medium businesses that need fast processors with plenty of memory. If you are considering purchasing one of these systems, you will want to know some of the specs. As of 2010 the latest version is the G6 series. General Specifications
The dimensions of the HP Proliant ML370 (height to depth width, in inches) are 18.52 x 9.75 x 29.12 . The device has a maximum weight of 99.2kg with all hard drives, power supplies and other possible components installed and a minimum weight of 66.14lbs with only one hard drive, power supply and a processor installed. It requires between 980 and 1170 watts of power, depending on the number of accessories.
Energy and Storage Specifications
The HP Proliant ML370 has either a quad-core or Six-Core Intel Xeon, depending on the model. It has between 4 and 12 MB of cache memory and 4 to 12 GB of total memory. It is has an Intel 5520 chipset and comes equipped with four memory protection methods: Advanced ECC, Mirroring Mode, Lockstep Mode and Online Spare Mode. It can be upgraded up to two processors. Internal storage ranges from a minimum of 14 terabytes (TB) to a maximum of 28 TB . It has an integrated four-port Gigabit Multifunction HP NC375i server adapter.
Other features of the HP Proliant ML370 are DVD ROM SATA optical drive, one serial port, one video port, four Ethernet connectors, one ILO remote management 2.0 port, one keyboard port, mouse port, one SD slot and five ports USB 2.0. Graphics are presented via a standard ATI RN50 64 MB of integrated video. The server can be configured for Windows Vista or a newer Windows OS. It is secured by six built-in security methods, including a power-on password and a keyboard password. Hardware is covered by a three-year limited global warranty and backed by HP Services up to 90 days after purchase.

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