Internal RAID Vs Storage . external NAS

external network attached storage (NAS) is a system of hardware and software used to access computer data by multiple users over a specified network. Internal Redundant Array of Independent Disks (RAID ) storage allows users to redundantly save data across multiple disk drives. Project
Internal RAID storage uses multiple disk drives when storing data. When data is saved on an internal RAID drive a process called disk striping begins, which breaks a block of data into smaller pieces, saving each one in a different location. External NAS uses software and a hard drive to store data on a single network. All users on the specified network can access data, streaming media or use devices such as a printer at any time.

Internal RAID storage reduces the risk of losing important data. Businesses benefit from this increased protection against data loss. For example, a doctor’s office uses internal RAID storage to save patient records. External NAS simplifies and speeds up the process of sharing data, media and devices between people already on the same network.
RAID storage is so fast that the number of drives are striped together. Three drives will access data slower than 10 drives striped together. External NAS devices cost much more than other data sharing means like email.

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