Iomega 120 GB HDD Specifications

Computer hard drives store the programs we use and files, videos, important document folders and even media downloaded from services like iTunes. To protect these files from computer viruses and allow for additional user storage space, companies like Iomega manufacture external hard drives for portability and security. dimensions
The Iomega 120 GB external hard drive is built to be easily transportable. The unit weighs about 2 kg and has a dimension of 4.8 inches in width, 7.55 inches in length and 1.29 inches in height.

The Iomega hard drive connects to the computer via a FireWire cable, also known as an IEEE 1394 cable. This cable has a four-pin interface that connects to the hard drive and a nine-pin interface that connects to the computer. This cable allows the 120GB hard drive to transfer data in bursts of 50 megabytes per second.
Minimum requirements
The 120GB hard drive from Iomega places certain demands on the computer and, as a result, minimal requirements are required to load and run the hard drive and the software that comes with it. For PC computers, 120GB hard drives require a Pentium processor with a FireWire host connection, Microsoft Windows 98 SE or later operating system, a 4x CD-ROM to install software, 20MB of hardware space for hardware and drivers, and Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape 6.1 for support manual. Mac users require Mac OS 9.1 through OS X, support for Mac FireWire and a computer with a FireWire port such as the blue or white G4 or G3. Mac users also require Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape 6.1.
The Iomega 120GB Iomega Hard Drive includes QuickSync , disaster recovery software and a lite version of MusicMatch Jukebox. This software provides easy access to hard drive contents and the means to play music and videos stored on the drive. This software is provided on an installation CD.

This Iomega hard drive features 120GB hard drive space but also features a 7,200 revolutions-per-minute rotation speed, which also contributes to the 50MB burst-per-second maximum transfer rate. The Iomega 120GB hard drive also uses an independent 120 volt power supply.

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