Kensington USB Smart Tips

USB flash drives have become a constant presence in the world of technology and business. They are even delivered like candy at some trade shows and business events. In addition to simply storing files, you can run entire operating systems on USB drives like those made by Kensington. Run Linux on your USB device
With a USB device, you can easily boot your computer into a new operating system using a Linux Live CD. Ubuntu, a popular working distro and will walk you through downloading and installing the operating system onto your flash drive (see Resources).
Take MP3s on the Go
If you work on multiple computers and can’t bring an MP3 player with you, a USB drive is a convenient way to bring MP3s from place to place. Just copy your favorite songs to a folder on the USB drive, connect it to your computer, open your media player and point it at the USB drive. You can listen through your computer speakers or headphones and then turn off the car and move on without leaving files on the computer. You can even run a portable media player from the drive, such as the Winamp Portable Edition, if the computer you’re using doesn’t have a media player (see Resources).
Auto-Sync your important documents
You can easily set up a USB drive to automatically sync your important documents whenever it’s connected to your computer. The free Microsoft SyncToy makes automatic syncing as easy as plugging in the drive (see Resources). It’s a faster alternative than copying and pasting your documents.

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