List of magnetic storage devices

Magnetic storage devices were almost as big a leap for mankind as movable type. The devices offer the possibility to record and quickly re-record all types of information. The underlying magnetic recording technology was invented in the late 19th century and, throughout history, has seen many improvements. Magnetic Tape
Magnetic tape started out as magnetized steel wire. In 1899, Valdemar Poulse invented a device called a telegraphone that used magnetized steel wire to transmit information. The telegraphone performed poorly compared to the wax cylinders which were prevalent during that time. In the 1930s, manufacturer BASF invented magnetic tape by bonding iron oxide to the side of a cellulose acetate tape. Versions of this magnetic tape are still used by manufacturers in 2010.
Floppy disk
IBM created the first magnetic disk technology in 1956 with the 350 RAMAC computer disk storage system. Building on that technology, the company released the first flexible magnetic disk, the 5 1/4-inch floppy disk, in 1971. Over the following decades, manufacturers including Shugart Associates, Fujitsu and Seagate increased the capacity of the disk. floppy disk technology.
from hard disk
hard drives grew out of IBM’s 1956 introduction of magnetic disk technology, which was technically the first hard drive. Modern hard drives use much more than a magnetized drive. They contain a printed circuit board that contains all of the unit’s electronic connections, a microcontroller unit, a central processing unit, a memory chip and much more. Because of their size, hard disk drives have a significantly greater storage capacity than any previous magnetic storage device.

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