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Make text and icons in Windows 10 bigger and easier to see

If the characters and icons on the Windows 10 screen are too small to see, you can either set the characters separately, such as by making them larger, or increase the display magnification of the entire screen to make them easier to see.
These settings are effective even after restarting, so you can always use them in an easy-to-read state when you start your computer. This page introduces how to make the text on the screen larger to make it easier to see.
Please refer to the following page for how to use the “magnifying glass” for partially enlarged display.

Open visibility settings

Visibility settings that make characters and screens easier to see are set from the ” Easy Operation ” setting screen. Open Ease of Access
Click the Start menu and click Settings on the menu.

Click “Ease of Access” on the Windows Settings screen to open it.

Make text bigger

You can increase the size of the Windows operation screens such as the Start menu, Settings, Explorer, and icons by increasing the text size from the Ease of Access settings .
*Text on websites viewed with a browser and some apps will not be enlarged. 1. Move the mouse cursor to the knob of the slide bar of “Large text”, and move left and right while left-clicking.
You can also move the knob by clicking on the slide bar.
 2. When you move the mouse, the size of the “sample text” in the box changes in real time, so check it.
 3. When the font size is decided, click “Apply” and after “Please wait” is displayed, the font size will be changed. 

Image compared by changing the character size to 150%

To restore the font size, move the knob on the slide bar to the left end “100%” and click “Apply”.

Make desktop icons bigger

You can change the size of the icon to the preset “Large-Medium-Small” size, or you can change the size freely. 

Change icon size

  • Right-click anywhere on the desktop, such as an icon.
  • If you hover the mouse cursor over “View” in the menu, a submenu will appear.
  • You can change the size by clicking “Large-Medium-Small” on the icon.

Comparison image of icon size “Large-Medium-Small”.

How to change icon size freely

  • Left-click anywhere on the desktop.
  • Hold down the “Ctrl” key on your keyboard and roll the mouse wheel up to make the icon “larger” and roll it down to make it smaller.

Enlarge the screen to make it easier to see all the characters and icons

You can enlarge the screen with the item “Enlarge all” on the setting screen of easy operation . Click the box under “Resize apps and text on main display” to see the magnification.
*The content of the magnification varies depending on the display used.
 When you select the display magnification, it will be reflected immediately.
If the enlargement is reflected, “Do you want to fix the blurry display app?”
Click “Apply” and “Display Settings” will appear. You can freely change the magnification by enlarging the screen in the display settings.
The operation of the display settings such as “fix blurry display application” and “change the magnification ratio” is introduced in detail on the following page.

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