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Make windows 10 window borders thicker

The width of the window frame in Windows 10 cannot be changed (thickened) with normal settings.
You can make the width of the window frame thicker by changing the theme from Windows settings using the file in the theme storage location. If you haven’t set the display settings for the window borders, do so before making the borders thicker.

Change the width of window borders

To change the width and thickness of the window frame in Windows 10, copy the existing file in the theme storage location, change some contents, change the file name, return it, add the setting file, and change the theme. make changes. Thickness size is not customizable.
You can easily restore the border thickness by simply changing the theme.

Increase the width of the window frame

The file “Themes” for thickening the width of the window border is in Resources in Windows.

  • Local disk (C:)
  • Windows
  • Resources

Expand and click ” Themes ” to open the folder.
 Copy “aero.theme” in “Themes” and paste it somewhere else. The image below is pasted on the desktop.
Right-click the copied “aero.theme” file and click “Open with” in the menu.
When you see “Choose how you want to open this file.”, search for “Notepad” in the box, select it, and click “OK” to open the “aero.theme” file in Notepad. .
 Edit the contents of the “aero.theme” file
There are two places to edit.

  • In the ” Theme ” part , change after “DisplayName=” to ” Aero Lite “.
  • Change “Aero.msstyles” at the end of “Path=” in “VisualStyles” to ” AeroLite.msstyles ” .

When you have finished editing, click “Save” and close Notepad. Renaming and moving the “aero.theme” file
You can change the name to whatever you like, but “.theme” serves as an extension, so don’t change it.
Here we have renamed it to ” futowaku-aero.theme “.
 After renaming the “aero.theme” file, “cut or copy” and paste it into the ” Themes ” folder.
When pasting, if “Access to the target folder is denied” is displayed, click “Continue”.
 It is completed by changing the “theme” from the Windows settings
The theme can be changed from the personal settings.
Click the Windows mark and click Settings.
 In the Settings window that opens, click “Personalization”.
 Click “Themes” on the left menu.
 A theme has been added to “Change Theme” with the name ” Aero Lite “, so it will be changed immediately when you click it.
 If the theme is changed, the width of the window border will be thicker.
This completes the setting for thickening the width of the window frame.

Restore window frame width

To restore the thickness of the window border width, change the personalization theme.
If you click a theme other than “Aero Lite” in “Change Theme”, the thickness of the width of the window frame will be restored. Even if you don’t delete the edited files you added to the Themes folder, changing the theme restores the thickness of the window frame width
. If you delete the added “futowaku-aero.theme” file, “Aero Lite” will disappear from the theme settings. If you want to make the border thicker, you will need to operate the file again.

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