Micro SD card speed comparison

Micro Secure Digital (SD) cards allow you to add more storage space to your expandable devices. While all Micro SD cards fit the same design pattern on the outside, there are many different speed classes to consider when purchasing a card for your device. Classes
Understanding speed classes will help you decide which card to buy. You can see the cards labeled as Class 2 (2 megabytes per second), Class 4 (4 megabytes/second), or Class 6 (6 megabytes/second). These speeds can also be described with a rating like 40x (6 megabytes/second). Faster recording speeds will make using your Micro SD card more convenient.
On most devices you can use a Micro SD card of any speed. Any Micro SD card will fit any Micro SD card slot regardless of how fast the data will be transferred. However, a faster card will allow for better speed and performance.

Different cards are best suited for different applications, according to the SD Association, an authority on SD cards. For example in digital video recorders a Micro SD Class 2 card would be fine for standard definition recording but insufficient for high definition video.

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