My Compaq does not read DVDs

There are many things that can cause a computer to go wrong. The components inside computers are very delicate, sometimes the slightest disturbance can produce a failure. Knowing how to fix your Compaq is important and can certainly save you money in the long run. It is important to know where to find diagnostic utilities and to conduct the proper methods to find and fix computer errors. DVDs can be problematic, and if your Compaq won’t read a DVD there could be a number of reasons. Things You’ll Need
Screwdriver Crosshead
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Click “Start”, “Settings”, “Control Panel” and then double-click the “System” icon. Once the window appears, click on the “Hardware” tab and then “Device Manager”. When the device list appears, see if your DVD player appears.

Open the DVD tray and place a DVD inside. Close the tray and read the error messages that appear on the screen. Your DVD may be failing to play due to corrupt software or missing software. Many DVDs will require up-to-date reading software or media player and if you don’t have the proper software your DVD will not communicate with your computer. Install the appropriate software such as Windows Media Player.

Click “Start”, “Settings”, “Control Panel” and “Hardware Wizard”. If your DVD player has the proper software installed, use the “Hardware Wizard” if the system still doesn’t recognize the drive. When the wizard starts, the computer will naturally look for any newly installed hardware. Follow the process through and observe the results. Your Compaq will either advise you that no new hardware has been found or that the new hardware is ready to use.

Open the Compaq with the cross-head screwdriver. A smaller screwdriver will be needed if your Compaq is a laptop. After opening the tower, make sure the cables are securely and correctly connected to the DVD player. There should be a power outlet, an interface cable and a small, thin wire securing the DVD player to the sound card or motherboard. If all these cables are correct, close the tower and tighten the screws.

Remove the DVD drive completely if you have tried all other troubleshooting methods. Open the tower , remove the power cable, the interface cable and the cable – thin sound card. Restart Compaq and then shut it down again. Replace the DVD into the slot and reattach the cables and then restart the machine. Go to the “Hardware Wizard” option again and see if that makes a difference. If there is still no reading of your DVDs and you have tried every possible solution, you may need to buy a new DVD drive and replace the existing one.

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