My Computer Does Not Recognize My Mini CD

A mini CD is often used to save small amounts of information. It is often used for user manuals for devices, as it is often unnecessary to use standard sized CDs to save information which will only eat up a small chunk of disk space. Your computer may not always be able to recognize or read the mini CD. Instructions
Remove the mini CD from the computer’s optical drive and verify that it is correctly placed inside the drive. Close the optical drive and wait for the computer to detect the mini CD. Restart the computer .

Insert another CD into the optical drive. If the computer recognizes the disc, the problem is with the mini CD. Check the mini for cracks or big scratches. If the surface is dirty, wipe the disc with a wet cloth. Make sure the disc has dried completely before putting it back into the optical drive.

Load the BIOS to verify that the optical drive is recognized by the computer. Restart your computer, read the onscreen instructions, and press the key that corresponds to the BIOS. The most common keys are “F2”, “F10” and “Delete”. Navigate to the “Main” tab or the “Advanced” tab (may vary depending on the type of BIOS you have installed) to see if your CD/DVD drive is listed among the installed drives.

Open the computer and make sure the optical drive is installed correctly. Before doing this, unplug the power cord from the power outlet and disconnect all cables plugged into the back of the computer. See your computer’s user manual for instructions on opening the computer case.

Locate the CD drive. Disconnect the flat IDE cable and the CD-ROM power supply and then plug them back in. Make sure these two cables are properly connected to the CD-ROM. Close the computer case and see if the computer will recognize the mini CD.

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