My Passport Essential does not boot Mac into Western Digital

Western Digital Passport Essentials are external hard drives that connect directly to a Windows or Mac computer system via a USB data cable. Although the hard drive is directly compatible with a Mac computer, you may find Passport Essential won’t boot. This is because Mac software is not provided on the hard drive and you must download and install the information to your Mac computer before you are able to boot the drive. Things You’ll Need
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Open your Internet browser and navigate to the Digital West home page “”.


Select the “Support” option in the upper right corner of the desktop. Choose “Hard Drives” as the option you want information about, then select the hard drive model you need the data for Mac.

Select the Mac software link listed on the page, then click “Yes” when the installation prompt asks if you are sure you want to download the program. Wait for the software to completely download onto your computer.

Double-click the downloaded file icon to load the installation wizard. Follow the wizard’s prompts to fully load the program onto your computer. Now when you connect the Western Digital Essential Passport hard drive to your Mac computer you are able to initialize the hardware data.

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