My PC does not recognize the smart card on a Smart Card USB Terminal

A USB smart card terminal is an external device that plugs into your computer, allowing you to connect an SD card to your system. As soon as the SD card is inserted into the smart card terminal, the system should detect the card, allowing you to access the information stored on the card. However, if the computer is not reading the card, there are some issues that may be causing the problem, which you can fix yourself. Things You’ll Need
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Connect the USB smart card terminal to the computer after the computer has started up. If you do this beforehand, the computer may not detect the connected equipment.

Remove the USB smart card terminal from the computer and plug it into a different USB port. Some USB ports cannot read a specific device, or simply die. Changing the USB connection may fix reading issues.

Install the USB driver for the smart card. The driver comes on a supplied driver installation CD. Insert the installation CD into your computer and follow the installation wizard’s instructions to completely install the driver onto your computer. Reset the system for the driver to take effect.

Check the SD card. Make sure the small switch on the side of the card is in the down position. If not, the card is in “write protect mode”, which prevents you from saving additional data to the card, or from deleting the card’s information.

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