NTFS Hard Disk Data Recovery

First used in Microsoft Windows NT, the NT file system (NTFS) hard disk data format has strong security and data integrity features. However, problems can develop. Microsoft has its own data recovery tools and others provide others. Check Disk
Microsoft provides the chkdsk (Check Disk) utility that can test and repair NTFS hard disks. You can run it from the command prompt by typing chkdsk /f to scan the disk and fix the errors. You can also run it from the desktop by selecting a drive in My Computer, right-clicking the drive icon, selecting Properties, clicking the Tools tab and clicking the Check Now button.

If the NTFS hard drive is unbootable, you can download Knoppix, a free version of the Linux operating system that includes NTFS hard drive recovery tools. You will need a replacement computer with which to download the software and copy it to a CD or thumb drive. You then boot the computer with Knoppix and repair the NTFS disk drive, with its utility programs.
Third Party Tools
You can find a variety of hard disk data recovery tools sold by third parties. Some offer advanced features such as encrypted data recovery.

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