Problems with a Cruzer Micro 8 GB

The Cruzer Micro 8GB flash drive is a portable storage device capable of storing a wide variety of files, such as video, documents, images and database files. You can store files on a Cruzer Micro 8GB pen drive to avoid deleting them from your PC’s hard drive, or use the flash drive to transfer files from one device to another. The Cruzer Micro 8GB flash drive may experience various issues that may prevent you from accessing information or from using the device correctly. File Corruption
File corruption on your Cruzer Micro 8GB flash drive can occur because it has been damaged. This damage can be caused by breaking the plastic casing on the flash drive, or exposing the flash drive to extreme temperatures. If files on your Cruzer Micro 8GB flash drive are corrupted, you will not be able to view them.
Drive Letter Conflict
Sometimes the Cruzer Micro 8GB will not show up in the “computer” menu. This could be caused by a drive letter conflict, which means the flash drive is not installing the driver on the host computer. This problem can be solved on your computer through the “Disk Management” menu.
Like any other flash drive, the Cruzer Micro 8GB is susceptible to malware and viruses. If your Cruzer Micro 8GB flash drive is infected with malware or viruses, you risk infecting your computer if you try to transfer files from the flash drive.

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