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3 Ways to Boot into Recovery Environment When Windows 11 Won’t Boot

Even if Windows 11 cannot boot due to forced termination of the PC/installation media/recovery drive, you can start the recovery environment and repair various contents. The recovery environment includes “WinRE WinPE”, both of which are “recovery functions” used before Windows boots. This page introduces three ways to boot Windows 11 into the recovery environment and the contents of the repair function. With the repair function, the operation method to repair Windows 11 that does not start is the same as Windows 10, so please refer to the following page for the repair method.

Boot into recovery environment by force shutting down the PC

By forcefully shutting down your PC more than once, the recovery environment will be launched after an automatic repair that detects boot problems. 

  • Turn on the computer’s power switch, and when the startup screen (spinning) is displayed, press and hold the power button until it shuts down to “force shutdown”.
    * Forced termination must be performed twice or more in succession.

    The timing of pressing the power button for forced shutdown is to turn off the power by pressing and holding the power button when the startup screen or ” spinning ” screen is displayed.
    * Depending on the computer, the Windows logo may not be displayed, and the manufacturer’s logo or nothing may be displayed.
    * Even if the computer is running, but the Windows boot screen is not even displayed, try “Force Quit”.

    Forcibly terminate the computer two or more times in a row, and if “Preparing automatic repair” or “Please wait” is displayed, wait as it is. Depending on the version and environment, “Please wait” may be displayed, the automatic repair described below may not be executed, and the “Recovery” screen may be displayed immediately, but there is no problem.If Automatic Repair is launched, the startup screen will say “Preparing Automatic Repair” and then “Diagnosing your PC”. If “Recovery” is displayed, proceed to the next step (2).
    It may take quite some time during the diagnosis, but just wait.

  • When the Automatic Repair screen appears, click Advanced Options.

    * Depending on the PC environment, the “Recovery” screen may appear, but click “Show advanced options”.

  • Click “Troubleshoot” and then click “Advanced options” on the next screen. 

With the above troubleshooting, you can reset to “Reset this PC” recovery environment. 4. In “Advanced options”, repair functions other than initialization are displayed, so click to execute.
If the recovery environment does not start or the repair function option is not displayed, it is possible that ” WinRE ” that starts the recovery environment is damaged or lost. Please refer to the following page for how to rebuild and restore the recovery environment.

Boot into recovery environment with installation media
Use the “Repair your computer” feature before installing Windows 11 with installation media. 1. Install the installation media and start the computer.
 2. Start the installation media, and after a while, the initial setting screen such as language will be displayed.
 3. Select your keyboard type and language and click Next.
 4. Click Repair your computer.
 5. When prompted to choose an option, click Troubleshoot.  6. Troubleshooting When you see “Advanced Options”, you can click the desired repair function to perform the operation.

Boot into recovery environment with recovery drive
In the recovery environment of the recovery drive, the recovery function can be used from the “Select option screen” and the “Advanced options” of troubleshooting. 1. Boot the computer with the USB memory of the recovery drive.

Booting the recovery drive may take some time. If you feel stuck at the logo screen, just wait.

2. After the recovery drive boots, select your keyboard layout.
 3. In the option selection, “Recover from drive (initialization)” and “Use device” are available.
More repair features can be found by clicking “Troubleshoot”.
 4. Troubleshooting “Advanced Options” provides more repair features.

Please refer to the following page for creating a recovery drive and introducing detailed recovery functions.

Introducing Repair Features Available in the Recovery Environment

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