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5 Ways to Repair in Windows 11 Safe Mode

Safe mode starts with only reading the minimum necessary drivers and system using Windows 11. Since unnecessary apps and services are not loaded, there are few permission issues and you can perform repairs. This page introduces 5 ways to repair in safe mode.
See below for instructions on how to boot in safe mode.
Repair Windows 11 in Safe Mode

If you can boot in safe mode but Windows 11 can’t boot normally, you can boot with minimal loading, so apps, drivers, and some system files may be corrupted. You can easily do a repair in safe mode.

Repair with system restore

If System Restore is enabled , you can easily and safely perform repairs. By selecting a date before the problem occurred in Windows 11, you can restore and repair the state of that date and time.

Run system restore in safe mode

For details on how to restore the system, please refer to the following page.
Setting up and using Windows 11 System Restore

Repair system files

You can start Command Prompt and use the repair command to check for system problems in Windows 11 and repair them automatically. This repair often solves problems in Windows 11. The commands to repair the system are [sfc /scannow] and [Dism], which can check and repair system files and system images.

Repair your system in safe mode
At the command prompt, execute the commands in the following order to perform the check and repair.

  • sfc /scannow
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /ScanHealth
  • Dism /Online /Cleanup-Image /Restorehealth
  • sfc /scannow
Please refer to the link below for details on how to restore system files.
Setting and using Windows 11 system restore
Start the command prompt “from the start menu”. Also, even when booting in safe mode, it will be treated as “the state where Windows 11 is running”.

Disk check

Disk Check is a simple way to check and repair your drive or system, but depending on your environment, it may not be possible to run it in Safe Mode. 

Repair with disk check in safe mode

1. Right-click the local disk (C:) in “This PC” in Explorer and click “Properties” in the menu.
 2. When the properties are displayed, click the Tools tab and click the Check button under Check the drive for errors. 3. Even if the error checking dialog says “You don’t need to scan this drive”, click “Scan Drive”.
 Depending on the environment, “disk check” in safe mode may not be possible. In that case, use command prompt.

  • Type CHKDSK /f and press Enter.
  • If “… CHDSK cannot be executed…” is displayed, the disk check cannot be performed even at the command prompt.
  • You can force a disk check to run on the next boot by typing Y and pressing Enter .

Uninstall the app

If there is a problem with starting Windows 11, there is a possibility that the problem is an application such as antivirus software that starts automatically. Also, apps that cannot be uninstalled while Windows 11 is running may be able to be uninstalled in safe mode. 

Repair by deleting apps in safe mode

1. Open “Apps” in “Settings” and click “Apps & Features”.
 2. You can uninstall the app by clicking the “Menu button” and clicking the displayed “Uninstall”.
Uninstall driver

Windows 11 may not boot normally due to a driver defect. The problem may be improved by uninstalling the most recently installed, updated, or corrupted driver. Also, if there is no problem, the driver will be automatically installed again when Windows 11 starts. 

Repair by deleting drivers in safe mode

1. Click [Device Manager] in the menu that is right-clicked on the Start button.
 2. Click to expand the “>” button of the device type you want to remove the drive from.  3. The driver can be deleted by right-clicking the device name to be uninstalled and clicking “Uninstall” in the menu. 

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