SATA to USB conversion

Hard drives use three primary interface standards to connect to the computer: USB, IDE and SATA. SATA hard drives connect to the computer internally (except in the case of eSATA), while USB devices connect to the computer externally. Adapters allow you can convert a SATA device to include USB interface. differences
USB 2.0 can transmit data at a rate of about 60MB/s (megabytes per second), while the slowest SATA hard drive, SATA 1.5Gb/s, transfers data at speeds of up to about 192MB/s.

Unlike a SATA hard drive, which must be installed inside a computer to run USB drives, you can connect a USB drive to any computer that has an external USB 2.0 port. On the other hand, SATA hard drives offer much better data transfer rates.
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SATA, such as 3.5-inch, 2.5-inch and 1.8-inch disks, can convert to USB. Do-it-yourself external hard drives tend to be much cheaper than manufactured drives.
One way to convert SATA to USB is to connect the SATA drive to the circuit board inside a USB case, and connect the case with a USB cable. Another option is to install one end of an adapter to the end of the SATA hard drive and connect the other end to your system’s USB port.

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