Sata Vs. Ide DVD Burner

A lot of discussion has taken place about which interface is better and faster – IDE or SATA. Comparing the two interfaces can help the user to make informed and intelligent decisions when considering purchasing a DVD burner with an IDE or SATA interface. interface of
The IDE drive interface has a 40-pin connection, while a SATA connector has only 7 pins. This means that SATA cables are narrower than IDE cables and allow for more airflow inside the computer case. SATA DVD drives don’t have jumpers, which means they’re easier to install.
SATA cables offer better performance, supporting speeds of up to 300MB per second, compared to IDE, which has a maximum speed of 133MB per second. These speeds only come into play, however, when multiple devices are connected to the SATA interface.

Motherboards produced since 2007 support only the fastest SATA Interface, the IDE interface, has largely become obsolete. Older motherboards still support the IDE interface, however, and IDE DVD drives can be purchased cheaply from some online computer stores and aftermarket stores. Millions of DVD IDE drives and hard drives are still in use.

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