SD 2.0 Compatible Memory Cards

An SD device is a Secure Digital memory card that allows you to save data or applications to it. This allows you to effectively expand the space available on your cell phone or PDA. SD 2.0 gives you faster data transfer speed. However, not all memory cards are convertible to SD 2.0 format. Below is a list of compatible memory cards that are compatible with SD 2.0. PNY 2GB Optima Secure
The PNY Optima Secure Digital memory card is ideal for storing quality images and high definition videos due to its high Digital capacity. Optima PNY memory cards already have a high data transfer speed (4 megabytes per second) that can write several frames per second. However, this rate is further improved by the fact that it is compatible with SD 2.0. As of 2010, the Secure Digital SD PNY Optima memory card is available for around $8.99.
Kingston SD 2GB
In addition to its memory, the Kingston SD memory card also has a data transfer rate that can handle the speed requirements of any modern device today. Furthermore, this memory card comes with a built-in write protection mechanism that prevents accidental loss of data. As of 2010, the Kingston SD memory card can be purchased for $6.00.

Memory2Go 2GB SD
This card is ready to use with most MP3 players and other SD compatible devices. Memory2Go The card also has an additional security feature to protect saved data using a built-in write-protection. It has a data transfer rate of around 5 megabytes per second which means faster uploads and downloads. Upgrading to SD 2.0 requires a converter, but once done, you’ll see an even faster pace. As of 2010, 2GB Memory2Go memory cards can be purchased for around $9.99.


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