SD Card Questions

SD cards are useful for storing a large amount of data in a small physical space, or for taking digital photos. However, these cards have their shortcomings and can cause frustration if you are not aware of the common problems and how to fix them. speed issues
Not many people know that there are different types of SD cards with varying speeds. If you have ever purchased an SD card for use in a media device such as a camcorder or digital SLR camera and found the card to be defective, it is likely because the card itself is of the wrong trim. There are different SD card speed classes: 1,2,4,6 and 10. Digital video cameras tend to only have class 6 and 10 cards. Many digital SLR cameras take multiple classes of cards, but operate more slowly with the lower classes. If you have ever had problems with your media device and SD card, please refer to the manual and make sure you have at least the speed class needed to make the device operable.
SD Card Reader Issues

If you have an SD card reader and your computer crashes whenever you use it to read a large SD card (8 to 64 gigabytes), the reader may not be enough to handle the large amount of data that comes in. If you ever try to load data to your computer from one of these high-capacity cards, and find that your computer drastically slows down, eject the card. If this happens, you may not need to purchase a new card reader. Instead, use the device you recorded the data on in the first place. Most devices that carry SD cards are capable of connecting to computers and, if you chose the proper SD, it will be able to transfer data without errors.
Formatting problems Card
SD are transferable between many devices, but many of these devices only allow you to erase SDs they’ve recorded. For example, if you want to format an SD card that you used to record video on an HD camcorder, but also have photos stored on it from a D-SLR camera, you’ll have to format that card on both devices to eliminate all the data.
SD cards, especially cheaper ones, tend to be fragile. Although sturdier versions of the card are making it to the market, many people use those built with cheap plastic. Be careful taking these plastic box cards from their manufacturers. Because many SD cases allow the cards to “snap” into place, pushing them too tightly can snap the card’s plastic panels apart. Also, keep cards away from magnets and water to prevent data loss.

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