Setting up and customizing the Windows 10 Start screen

I think that the “Start Screen” displayed on the left side of the Windows 10 Start Menu is something you don’t need by default.
You can customize the environment to make it easy to use, such as displaying the icons of frequently used apps and folders on the start screen, deleting unnecessary items to make it simpler, and changing the size of “tiles”. Here, we will introduce how to customize the “Start screen” in the start menu.

When you click the Windows mark, the start menu appears, and the “start screen” is displayed on the side

Resize tiles

Right-click the desired Tile and hover over Resize to display a submenu.
You can change the size by clicking “small”, “medium”, “horizontal” or “large”.
The current size is marked with a “check mark”.

The size of the frame containing the tiles on the start screen is fixed, so if you line them horizontally, they will shift alternately.

Below is a reference example of a combination that fits neatly.
Next to “horizontal”, “medium” is
3 for
“medium”, 6 for “small
“, and 2 “medium” for “large”

move tiles

If the “tile” is misaligned or you want to move it, you can move the desired tile by “drag & drop” Drag & Drop: Left-click on the target and move it to the destination without releasing it.

Delete tile “unpin”

You can delete it by right-clicking the desired tile and clicking “Unpin from start screen” in the menu

Adding tiles “pinned”

Pin apps to the Start screen

Right-click the “icon” of the desired app and click “Pin to start screen” in the menu to add the tile of the desired app to the start screen.
Move the tile to any place in the “Start screen”.  

Pin folders to the Start screen

Right-click the desired folder and click “Pin to Start Screen” in the menu to add the tile of the desired folder to the Start screen.

Renaming a group of tiles

Clicking on the group name will allow you to edit the name.
If you do not want the name to be displayed, leave it blank and the name will not be displayed. 

Change The Size Of The Start Screen

If you move the mouse pointer to the right edge of the “Start Screen”, the left and right pointers will change to arrow pointers. Become. The tiles that are not displayed are displayed by scrolling.
To restore it, click and move to the right (while pressing the button) to increase the width of the “start screen”

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