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Settings and features no longer available in the Windows 11 taskbar

The Windows 11 taskbar has functions and settings that are no longer available, such as button size, disabling grouping, movement, and the abolition of the right-click menu, and the degree of customization is also low. This page introduces the main settings and functions of the taskbar that are no longer available in Windows 11.

Windows 11 Taskbar Disabled Features and What You Can’t Do Anymore

Windows 11 taskbar has many things that are no longer available. If you have customized and used the taskbar in Windows 10, there are many usability and inconveniences, so check before upgrading.

Taskbar right-click menu function is disabled

The function of the right-click menu, which allows you to right-click the taskbar to set display settings such as search and start the task manager, has disappeared. In Windows 11, right-clicking the taskbar only shows the “Taskbar settings” button.

Can’t move taskbar vertically

In Windows 11, it is no longer possible to display the taskbar vertically at the left or right end or display it at the top by dragging or setting.

  • If you want to display the taskbar on top, you need to edit the registry, but it is possible.
  • You can set the center display of the taskbar to be left aligned.

Unable to resize icon button on taskbar

In Windows 11, it is not possible to change the size of the icon button on the taskbar. 

Unable to disable binding of taskbar buttons

In Windows 11, it is not possible to display as many buttons as the number of applications opened. Even if you open multiple windows of the same app, the button display is always combined into one. 

I can’t open the file even if I move it to the button on the taskbar

In Windows 11, the function to open a file by dragging it to the app button on the taskbar is gone. 

Invalid taskbar lock setting

Windows 11 does not have a setting to lock the taskbar visibility. It is disabled to prevent the position of the button from being changed due to miss operation of the button icon on the taskbar.

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