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Settings and solutions when Windows 11 cannot wake up from sleep

If Windows 11 can’t wake up from sleep, reset power management, troubleshoot, check system files, etc. Emergency response when recovery is not possible is handled by operating the power button, etc. This page introduces the settings and how to deal with problems when the machine cannot return from sleep For details on how to set sleep, see the page below.

What to do when you can’t wake up from Windows 11 sleep

How to respond when the PC stops because it can not return from sleep

  • Press the “Windows” key on the keyboard, click the mouse (touchpad), and check if it wakes up from sleep
  • If you have a sleep button, press it, if it doesn’t wake up, press it again to see if it wakes up from sleep
  • If you press the power button lightly (about 0.5 seconds) and it does not wake up, press it again and check several times to wake up from sleep
  • Press and hold the power button until the power turns off. This method will discard any unsaved work in progress, and you will not be able to restore any open apps, so please do this as a last resort .

If you are unable to wake up from sleep frequently, please refer to the countermeasures such as checking the settings in the next section.

How to check settings and what to do if you can’t wake up from Windows 11 sleep

If you cannot wake up from sleep frequently, it may be improved by adjusting and checking the settings, troubleshooting the power supply, and checking the system.

Reset mouse and keyboard power management

If you can’t wake up from mouse and keyboard, reset power management settings in each property. 1. Click “Device Manager” in the menu that is right-clicked on the “Start” button.
 2. Click “Keyboard” and double-click “Keyboard Device” to open its properties.
 3. When the keyboard properties are displayed, click the Power Management tab and make sure that “Allow this device to wake the computer” is selected.

Reset keyboard power management

  • If not , click to select it and click OK.
  • If it is selected , click to deselect it and click OK.
  • Open the keyboard properties again and return it to the selected state.
  • Finally, click “OK” to complete the reset.

4. Click “Mice and other pointing devices” and double-click “Compliant mouse” or “Touchpad” to open the properties.
The illustration above shows the state where only the mouse is connected. If a touchpad or another device is connected, it will all be displayed. Please select and click according to the usage situation.5. Once the properties are displayed, click on the Power Management tab and ensure that “Allow this device to wake the computer” is selected.

Reset power management for mouse, etc.

  • If not , click to select it and click OK.
  • If it is selected , click to deselect it and click OK.
  • Once again, open the properties of the mouse, etc., and return them to the selected state.
  • Finally, click “OK” to complete the reset.

After resetting power management such as keyboard and mouse, see if you can wake from sleep.

Check power with troubleshooter

Run the troubleshooter to see if it detects any power issues. If problems are detected, they can be repaired automatically. 1. Click the “Start” button and click “Settings” in the Start.
 2. When the settings are displayed, click the item “Troubleshooting tools”.
 3. Click “More Troubleshooters”.
 4. Click “Run” in “Power” to start the troubleshooter.
 5. After the troubleshooter has finished running, you will see a screen stating that problems were found and fixed , or problems could not be identified and fixed , or problems found and fixed .

Details of the troubleshooting tool and how to use it are introduced on the following page.
Windows 11 Problems – How to Use Troubleshooting Tools
If the troubleshooter finds an issue and says it’s fixed or resolved, see if you can wake from sleep. If the problem persists or you cannot resume from sleep, check your system files.

Check system files for sleep recovery problems

Run System File Checker in Command Prompt or Terminal as system check issues can cause wake issues. Here, the command prompt is used for explanation. 1. Launch Command Prompt

  • After pressing the “Windows” key on your keyboard, press ” cmd “.
  • When the search screen appears, click “Run as administrator” in Command Prompt.

*This operation is the same as entering “cmd” in the search. 

From the Start menu
To start from the Start menu, click “All apps” and click “Windows Tools” in the list to open Explorer, right-click “Command Prompt” and select “Run as administrator” “Click.

2. Type sfc /scan now and press Enter on your keyboard.
It will start checking and repairing system files. It may take some time, but wait until it finishes.3. If you see “…no integrity violations found.” or “…repaired successfully.”, the system check is complete.
If you see “…could not be repaired” or “…operation could not be performed” and the system file check does not complete, you will need to repair the image file further. Please see the following page for the continuation of the restoration.
How to repair system with Windows 11 command
After the system check completes successfully, see if you can resume from sleep. 

Other reasons for not being able to wake up from sleep

If you cannot resume from sleep with the above basic solutions, there are various possible causes, so please refer to the following. 

  • Open “Settings”, click “Power” in the “System” item, and change the power mode to “Best Performance”.
  • If you have other security software installed, uninstall it once and check if it improves.
  • Sleep may also prevent waking if you have peripherals connected to the USB. Check if you can recover from sleep by removing anything that seems to be a problem
  • If you wake up from sleep but the screen is black, check if you can wake up from sleep by reinstalling the graphics driver

In addition, it may not be possible to return from sleep due to a problem with parts such as the power supply of the computer itself or the motherboard, but it is difficult to determine the cause. In this case, if you need the sleep function, you can deal with it by initializing Windows 11 or doing a clean install.

If you do a sleep recovery test before installing an app, etc., and you still can’t wake up, there is a high probability that there is a problem with the hardware.

  • How to do a clean install of Windows 11
  • How to use Windows 11 initialization “Reset t

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