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Show desktop at Windows 8 logon (sign in)

There is a way to display the traditional desktop instead of “Metro” when logging on (signing in) to Windows 8. If you like the operability of conventional Windows, I think that it will be quite easy to use. It can be done with registry settings and tasks, but it cannot be said that there are no troubles due to setting failures. This time, I will introduce a method that can be easily changed by installing an application called “Skip Metro Suite”.

Windows 8 “Skip Metro Suite” show desktop at logon

Download Skip Metro SuiteSkip
Metro Suite Click here to download “DOWNLOAD” and “Skip Metro Suite”. If you cannot access the download page, go to the software list page by clicking “Downloads” on the top menu of the WinAero top page, and search for “Skip Metro Suite” from the list.
After the download is complete, open the file. 

The download file is compressed, so double-click “Skip Metro Suite-xxxxxx”. “User Account Control (UAC)” If you have not disabled UAC, a warning window will appear, click “Yes”.
Reference: Disable User Account Control (UAC)
The Skip Metro Suite window will appear, so click “Next”.

The installation location window will appear, but click “Next” as it is.

Confirm whether to create a shortcut icon on the desktop, click “Install” as it is. If you don’t need the shortcut icon, you can delete it later, so we recommend creating a shortcut icon here.
The installation work status is displayed, and when the installation is completed, the “completing the Skip Metro Suite” window opens. Click “Finish” to complete the setup.

Double-click the “Skip Metro Suite” shortcut icon created on the desktop to open the Skip Metro Suite setting screen.
By default, all checkmarks are included. If Skip Start Screen is checked, the Metro screen will be skipped at logon and the desktop will be displayed. If other checkmarks are checked, it seems that the function will not be displayed.
If you haven’t set up the start menu yet If you check “Charms Bar” and disable it, it may be difficult to find programs or you may not be able to restart or shut down with the mouse. .
Make sure Skip Start Screen is checked and click “Save Settings” to close the window.
“A restart is required to reflect the settings.” Restart and confirm that the desktop is displayed after login.
To make settings again, double-click the “Skip Metro Suite” shortcut icon to open the setting screen.

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